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Play live baccarat free – features of the game

March 2, 2020 Marlene Perron 0Comment

How to play live baccarat free and win successfully?

In America, the game baccarat is known as punto blanco. In online casinos often played by simpler rules – mini baccarat. Its features – the rules of the game are simpler, the player bets faster and gets his winnings faster.

The advantage of playing baccarat is real money. As the rules are simple there is no need to remember much. If you have your own strategy – you will earn a lot of money. Get the winnings, transfer to a bank card and play further.

Strategies that make it possible to win

A maximum of 12 players and 2 dealers can play baccarat. As a rule, online casinos have 1 player and 1 dealer. Before each choice, the player bets on the Player or the Banker. Bets are made before handing out cards. The player can bet on a draw (if the player and the Banker at the end of the game have the same cards). In punto blanco all players (usually 1 player plays online) bet. After betting, players receive 2 cards. The player who has a sum close to 9 wins. For example, if a player has 8 points (units) and the banker has 4 points (units), the player wins. If the player and the banker have the same amount of points, the player who bet on the draw wins.

Play live baccarat free – what kind of bets do I have to place to make my game successful?

The first rule for the successful game is to try not to bet on a draw. Live baccarat online free play offers the highest bet of 14%. But this is a bad strategy. What is the probability of a match?

  • Play live baccarat free for a player is 44%;
  • a match for a banker can be no higher than 45%;
  • if you bet on a draw, the odds of a match are no more than 9%.

Therefore, the Banker bet has the highest chance of a match. All players who get huge winnings are advised to bet on the player. Please note that in some casinos the player’s bet is charged an additional fee of 5%.

Bet on the player

Live baccarat online free play allows you to get the highest bet on the banker. A high commission on this bet is not always beneficial. Use a simple strategy to win successfully. Bet twice as much every time you win. This strategy is called positive progress.

Decrease the bet after the each losing, be sure to increase the bet after the each winning. This is a simple mathematical formula that allows you to earn real money. You get several advantages at once. The player minimizes his possible loss if the player gets the winnings, he makes the maximum bet on success.

Make bets on one amount

In contrast to progressive strategy, a player can bet one amount. For example, after each loss or win he makes a stable bet. This strategy also gives a better chance of winning. The player reduces the chances of losing, and makes a stable chance of winning.

For a beginner, we recommend placing a permanent bet. What is its advantage? The player constantly controls his loss amount. He does not need to increase his bet. This means that you don’t have to spend more than you win. Also, a progressive strategy is not always clear to the players.

Play live baccarat free in the best casino

What are the features of baccarat casinos? As a rule, live baccarat online free play provides a free bonus of $ 100. If you play a lot, you get more opportunities to win. This can be an extra bonus or a lottery. Another plus is that all bets can be awarded a profitable cashback. A simple rule is to play all the time. If you lose – bonuses will not let you lose money. When registering, pay attention to the bonuses that you are given online casino.

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